VRISK is a Dutch lifestyle brand, focusing on interior decoration through handmade ceramics.

Ceramics are made for centuries, and mastering the craft takes time, commitment and reflection. Humble and grounded, VRISK embraces the craftsmanship by getting her hands dirty, every day!

With her ceramics VRISK aims to keep the tradition, but break the rules at the same time. Combining old-days techniques (like Dutch Plateel) with a VRISK look on patterns, colors and style. Proud to create a collection of handmade contemporary treasures to enrich your home.


VRISK was founded in 2020 by Mirjam Vrisekoop, who has had an eye for esthetics ever since she was a child. Always looking for beauty, she enjoyed a marketing career in both fashion and cosmetics, for over 10 years. In her personal life she takes every opportunity to be inspired by art, or to add that little extra to an interior of a friend. 

While her unique vision and lighthearted designs were valued, Mirjam felt she wanted to break free with a more bold and brighter style. The first time she brought one of her own ideas to life in clay, she instantly knew she found her driving force in life. It was the only way to fully carry out her thoughts and feelings, and as of that moment she devoted herself to work as a ceramist.


Based close to the North Sea beaches, VRISK is inspired by the chill vibes of the carefree beachlife. 

The place where everybody always seems to be looking for the sun, the good, the colors. VRISK believes you can find happiness easier when you embrace beauty, trying to grab every ray of sunlight.

Nothing beats the joy of spontaneous get-togethers with friends, and the shared happiness of our families playing in the sand. By capturing positivity and humor in her ceramics, VRISK loves to bring the sun in your life. Whether this is as a colorful, hand painted vase in your home, or a bright & happy jug at your long garden table.